Cody Rhodes WWE Status – Backstage Fallout Video

Last night on Raw Cody Rhodes was forced into a match with a very stressful stipulation against WWE Champion Randy Orton. The result ended with Rhodes being “Fired” by Triple H. Is this truly the end of Cody’s WWE run? Find out here. 






During last night’s storyline with Triple H’s new Corporation, Cody Rhodes faced Randy Orton in a non-title match (view above) where the stipulation was that Cody would be fired if he were to lose. After a great match the Viper emerged victorious after delivering an RKO.

This part of the storyline was a way to write Cody Rhodes off of WWE TV as he is taking time off for his upcoming wedding and Honey Moon. Rhodes will be Marrying former WWE Divas Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles). He will be brought back into the storylines in a few weeks. You can see Cody’s backstage promo after the match above as well as the “Backstage Fallout” video featuring Superstars’ reaction to Cody’s Firing.




Editor’s Thoughts: 

It’s interesting that they are actually involving so many people in this storyline with Triple H Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan. I’m not sure where they are going with it as far as the Big Show goes and same with Cody Rhodes. It’ll be interesting to see how they bring him back into the storylines once he’s back from his time away. Also a big congratulations to Cody Rhodes and his fiance.

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