Ideas for Wrestlemania 29

This year’s WrestleMania Season is officially underway. With the Road to WrestleMania beginning it’s much awaited build, our own Ron Schaffer (Major Styles) takes a look at how this year’s event can be given a little more value in the entertainment department.



Given that the next WrestleMania card is somewhat up in the air, I thought I would make suggestions as to some possible matches. I think certain ideas should be added to enhance the entertainment value…
1.) The Squash Match—why not bring back an old-fashioned squash match? Of course, the squash match is where a star faces a jobber and pins him quickly. Wrestling has had some great jobbers throughout history: Frank Williams, Charlie Fulton, and Barry Horowitz, to name but a few. It would be nice to see a few more jobbers get a shot on the big stage again. After all, didn’t King Kong Bundy dispose of S.D Jones in 9 seconds during the first WrestleMania? Why not have another squash match at WrestleMania 29? This could also be used as a way to bring in an up and coming wrestler, giving him the opportunity to shine on the big stage.
2.) A Lucha Libre Match—the ECW took full advantage of this back in the day. They introduced these matches to more people in the United States, thus opening the door for the likes of guys like Rey Mysterio: not to mention American high flyers like Brian Pillman. Any wrestling fan knows how great these matches can be! There should be a part of the show where the sheer athleticism of these athletes is put on display—a moment where the average viewer would say, “Wow! Now that is amazing!” I think that the Lucha Libre match would fit this to a tea.
3.) A Midget Battle Royal – Outside of Hornswoggle, there are not too many midgets on Vince’s roster. Why not kick the entertainment up a notch? Why not have a midget battle royal? I guarantee that this would be the most entertaining part of the evening! After all, this is sports entertainment, and what could be more entertaining than this? Perhaps there could even be a storyline, such as incorporating one of the famous midgets from reality television into the mix. If not, just watching this would be fantastic. Or, perhaps the winner of the bout can win a contract with the company.

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