John Cena Injury Update

News has surfaced over the past couple of weeks that John Cena’s elbow is banged up; however, newer reports are claiming that the injury is much worse than previously reported. More details on Cena’s injury and potential time off here. 






According to many news sites, WWE officials are trying to keep John Cena’s elbow injury a hush hush item as the injury may be worse than they have let off recently. There was a decision made this past week that Cena will undergo surgery on his injured elbow shortly after SummerSlam. This is why Cena has not been competing in matches lately for the buildup for the PPV. This will likely see John Cena out of action for a few weeks.


Editor’s Thoughts: 

Reports of John Cena injuries have been a pretty common thing over the past few years and there has always been “expectations” of Cena to take time off during the recovery  period from these injuries; however, most of the time Cena has stayed on the show while not competing in matches. Also, seeing as these are simply reports from various wrestling news sites and dirtsheets, don’t be surprised if the surgery is kept quiet and Cena appears on Raw anyways.

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