My Experience at Royal Rumble 2013

This year me and my friend decided that we were going to go to the biggest event of the year, other than Wrestlemania. We purchased tickets to go to the 2013 Royal Rumble in Phoenix Arizona. We got to make signs and be on T.V., and even fly our butts out of state to catch the show. We were not disappointed!

Royal Rumble Picture
Royal Rumble 2013

After sweating it up in Arizona for the first couple of days on the weekend, we sat down on Saturday and colored in our signs that we so patiently began to start. Needless to say, we had a few good signs that we were able to see on TV because our friends were blowing up our phones telling us how they just saw us.

As for the matches themselves…

Cesaro Vs. The Miz
Cesaro Vs. The Miz

Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz

All in all, this was a pretty decent match. I love watching Cesaro beat around the endless supply of giant Jobbers, but it was a good break to see him go against the Miz. For a while, I actually thought that the Miz was going to win the belt, but luckily Cesaro was able to land the Neutralizer on poor Miz, and get the One two three.

Brain Fart: I really wish that Cesar would have a catch phrase or something, because I really wanted to root for him. But when you are actually there, nothing really catches. CE-SAR- O, is just to Long, and he doesnt quite have a nickname. Just a thought :)

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show
Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

This match was much better than I originally anticipated. Big show and Del Rio did a hell of a job delivering the match. To me, the best part was yelling at Big Show: “big show sucks” and having the camera zoom in on me and my friend while doing that. As for the Match, watching Del Rio get choke slammed through the table off of the light rail thing was amazing. Even though Del Rio is now a face. I still have trouble rooting for him, because he is still super annoying, and I do not speak spanish.

Team Hell No vs. Rhode Scholars
Team Hell No vs. Rhode Scholars

Team Hell No Vs. The Rhode Scholars

Kane and Daniel Bryan dissapoint in retaining thier belts. There were tons or rumors saying that they would drop the belts at the Rumble. All in all, good match; even though there was nothing spectacular. Best part for me was doing the “yes” chants every time DB kicked someone or did anything of importance.

Sidenote: You can actually feel the flames from the ring when Kane does his thing. We were about 5 rows back from the railings, but still that is pretty far to feel the flames.

The Royal Rumble Match


I am a pretty big Ziggler fan, so I was pumped knowing that he was the first entrant to the Royal Rumble. I even made a sign for him. Anways, when Jericho came out as number 2, me and 15,000 other people flipped our lids. I was really wanting to cheer for Ziggler, but Y2J is one of my child hood hero’s in the ring. So the ‘Y2J’ chants filled my lungs with excitement.

I was really hoping that this year Kane would be able to beat Shawn Michaels record of eliminations in the Royal Rumble because he is just 4 or 5 away. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of tag team brotherhood that Team Hell No had in the match, and they eliminated each other way to quickly in my opinion.

It was pretty great being able to see Golddust, and the God-father make an appearance  but Y2J was still the biggest unexpected entrance for me.

Even though I was certain that Super Cena was going to win the Rumble before we even left for the airport. I was hoping that there would be a surprise and actually have him lose. I would have rather seen literally anyone other than Cena win the Rumble. With Sheamus, Ryback, and Cena as the final three, a “these three suck” chant broke out in near by seats, and I could not help but to agree. Ziggler made it all the way to the final 5, I was really hoping that he would be able to come out on top, and unify the belts. But, as usual WWE had to go the safe way, and book the Once in A lifetime match twice. So SAD.

CM Punk vs The Rock
CM Punk vs The Rock

The Rock vs. CM Punk

I love CM Punk, and I love The Rock when he is NOT facing Punk. It was pretty sad to see our favorite wrestler lose the belt to a guy who hasn’t been around in ten years. I hate that the Rock can come back and win the belt in one match. But hey, what can you do? All in all it was a really good match, and It felt great to be there.

Sidenote: some guy in the row in front of us caught the elbow pad from The Rock, which was pretty cool.

The worst part about Rumble: Knowing the outcome to Wrestlemania. The best part about Rumble: Being there and getting to yell as loud as I wanted.

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