Paul Heyman Teasing New Client?



Earlier today Paul Heyman sent out a Cryptic Tweet teasing a possible “New Paul Heyman Guy.” Who could it be? Will he be revealed on Raw tonight? 





Today on Twitter Paul Heyman posted the following message:

“#BreakingNews … @WWE #RAW A New #PaulHeymanGuy? @BrockLesnar @CMPunk…” 

Along with this Cryptic Tweet, Heyman Posted a link of an article on his website. The Article opens up and states the following message:

“It appears as though WWE needs to brace itself. Following Brock Lesnar’s epic victory over Triple H at Extreme Rules, our very own Hustler De Tuti Hustlers Paul Heyman is set to make history … AGAIN!

WWE is about to get a little more EXTREME! Our boss, the Hustler De Tuti Huslters Paul Heyman is keeping quiet on this for the moment, but it appears as though we’re about to be introduced to Brock Lesnar and CM Punk’s new stablemate!”

You can read the full article Here…

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