Raw 6/17/2013 Recap (with Video)

Fresh off the heels of the inaugural Payback PPV, Monday Night Raw comes to us from Grand Rapids, MI. What happened on the post-PPV Raw? Check out the results here. 






We kick off tonight’s show with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says that he doesn’t understand why people are calling his victory controversial. He says that he just did what Dolph Ziggler had done to him and taken advantage of an injury to win the Championship. Del Rio continues to say that for 5 months he wrestled for the fans and it got him nothing. He goes on to say that he finally did things for himself and it got him the world title. Del Rio says he’s the best. CM Punk interrupts and makes his Raw return. Punk says Del Rio stole the title from Ziggler. He also says that he is the Best in the World and that he’ll prove it again tonight as he challenges Del Rio to a one-on-one match tonight.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and says that tonight, we will see Alberto Del Rio in action against CM Punk in the main event of the night. We go to commercial break.


- Back from break and we’re backstage with Punk and Paul Heyman. Punk says that he’ll always be a Paul Heyman Guy, but doesn’t need Heyman at ringside anymore and doesn’t want him at ringside for any of his matches from here on.


-Wade Barret makes his way to the ring for a match against Curtis Axel. Vickie comes out and says that Barrett will not be competing against Axel, but will be competing against her “big surprise.” Christian’s music hits to a big pop from the crowd.

Wade Barrett vs. Christian: 

This match starts off quick as the two go back and forth to gain control. Christian knocks Barrett to the outside of the ring and then hits a big cross-body block from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Christian rolls Barrett into the ring and climbs up top once again. Barrett counters Christian and hits him with a big kick in the corner. Barrett looks to make quick work of Christian, but Captain Charisma counters and hits the Killswitch. Winner via Pinfall: Christian. 


- We see another vignette for the Wyatt Family as we go to commercial break.

- We come back for our next match

Sheamus vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Handicap Match): 

Team Rhodes Scholars go right after Sheamus and double team him as this is a tornado styled match and both men can be in the ring at the same time. Sheamus tries to fight back but Cody hits the Disaster Kick and Sandow mounts Sheamus and punches away. Cody delivers a few stomps to Sheamus while he’s down. They continue to double team Sheamus. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain for a 2 count. Sandow holds Sheamus and Cody slaps Sheamus. Sheamus becomes angry and backdrops Cody out of the ring. Codry tries to get away, but Sheamus hits a high knee and then a rolling senton in the ring. Sheamus hits a powerslam on Sandow and then catches Rhodes coming off the top rope and hits White Noise. Sheamus gets ready to Brogue Kick Cody but Sandow comes in and surprises Sheamus with a roll-up. Winners via Pinfall: Team Rhodes Scholars. 

After the match Sheamus hits Cody with a Brogue Kick. We go to commercial.

- We come back to Vickie and Maddox bragging to Triple H how well the night is going. Triple H asks them what the Main Event would have been if CM Punk didn’t confront Alberto Del Rio. They avoid the question. Vickie then brags about bringing Christian back. Triple H says that’s a good thing, but Christian has been cleared for a month and a half and asks Vickie why she waited so long to bring him back. Triple H brings up RVD and Vickie and Brad say that was their idea. Triple H says they weren’t on the phone calls Triple H had with RVD. Triple H then says that if the Shield interfere in any matches tonight that Vickie should make an example of them. He then jokes about Vickie making 3MB part of the night’s show and walks off.

- We go backstage to Daniel Bryan and Kane. Kane says they need to talk. Bryan says that Kane was happy to see Bryan and Orton lose to the Shield at Payback. Kane says that’s not it at all. Kane reminds Bryan that he lost his match with Dean Ambrose and that Team Hell No needs to reunite and go for the tag titles. Bryan says the only way from him to prove himself is to compete on his own. Bryan also says he wants to win the WWE Championship. Kane asks if this is the end. Bryan says he doesn’t know and Kane replies that he doesn’t know either. Kane wishes Bryan good luck against Randy Orton tonight.

We go to commercial Break.


Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (No DQ Match): 

The two lock up and Orton works over the arm of Daniel Bryan to start off. Bryan comes back and delivers kicks to the legs of Orton. Bryan delivers more kicks to Orton in the corner. Orton comes back and stomps at Bryan. Orton goes for a Thez Press but Bryan counters with a single-leg Boston Crab. Orton gets to the ropes and then kicks Bryan off. Bryan kicks Orton in the corner again as the crowd chants “Yes!” Bryan goes out to the floor and Orton cuts him off with a big clothesline on the floor. Orton rolls Bryan in and gets a 2 count. Orton delivers punches to Bryan in the corner from the second rope. Bryan counters out and hits a dropkick after ducking a clothesline. Bryan sends Orton to the floor and goes for a Suicide Dive. Orton side-steps Bryan and sends him head-first into the barricade. Orton grabs a Kendo Stick and hits Bryan in the mid-section a couple times. Orton rolls Bryan in the ring and gets a 2 count. We go to commercial.

We’re back from the break as Bryan fights out of a superplex attempt by Orton and sends him down to the mat. Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick from the top. Bryan kicks Orton while Orton is on his knees. Orton then counters Bryan with a throw. Bryan blocks the draping DDT. Orton fights off the No-Lock attempt by Bryan and sends Bryan out of the ring. Bryan hangs onto the ropes and pulls himself back in, but Orton kicks him back out of the ring with a low-blow. The ringside doctor checks on Bryan, but Bryan rushes back into the ring and brawls with Orton. The doctor wanted Bryan to stop. Orton throws Bryan back out and then delivers a back-suplex to Bryan on the barricade. The doctor checks on Bryan again and then tells the referee to call the match. Winner: Randy Orton. 

After the match Orton helps Bryan to his feet and they head to the back. We go to commercial break.


- We’re back and A.J. Lee comes down to the ring. She says that she has it all and that soon Ziggler will be back to share the spotlight with her again. She then says that she did play mind games with Kaitlyn and broke her spirit, but that she was the true hero of the night. She says that she’s an example for women all over the world. Stephanie McMahon’s music hits.

Stephanie comes out and congratulates A.J. for her first Divas Championship. She then says that if A.J. wants to continue to be a champion she’s going to have to act like one. Stephanie says that what she did to Kaitlyn was degrading to women all over the world and was very stereotypical. A.J. says Stephanie is right and that she shouldn’t be dating superstars, but should be Marrying them like Stephanie. She then goes on to say that Stephanie has daddy issues. Stephanie says that she thought A.J. was smarter than that and could’ve come up with something more original. A.J. says that she is completely original and pulled off her master plan last night at Payback. She then says that the only reason Stephanie is out there is because A.J. is the same as Stephanie, but younger. Stephanie says she can take away everything from A.J. including her job. Kaitlyn’s music hits and she comes out along with a few other divas from the lockerroom.

Stephanie then walks to the back after warning Kaitlyn to never interrupt her again. Kaitlyn admits that A.J. got the best of her and that A.J. broke her at Payback. She then says that it’s her turn to break A.J. and she charges A.J. in the ring. They brawl until A.J. eventually escapes and Big E. holds her back and carries her to the back. We go to break.


- We’re back from commercial for our next match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane (United States Championship Rematch): 

Dean Ambrose comes out through the crowd first and Reigns and Rollins head back to the locker-room. Kane comes down to the ring next. Kane takes control early and beats on Ambrose in the corner. Kane then whips Ambrose to the opposite corner. Ambrose tries to fight back but Kane hits a big boot to the face. Kane continues to overpower Ambrose and delivers a sideslam for a 2 count. Kane goes up top and hits a flying clothesline. Reigns and Rollins run in and jump Kane from behind. Winner via DQ: Kane. Still U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose. 

After the match the Shield deliver a triple powerbomb and leave Kane out in the middle of the ring.


- We go backstage and Mark Henry is hugging the Prime Time Players as rumors continue about the possible retirement of Mark Henry tonight. We go to commercial.


- We come back from break and we’re backstage with The Shield and Vickie Guerrero with Brad Maddox. Vickie reminds them that she’s their boss. The Shield then mock Vickie and ask what their punishment will be. Vickie seems as though she’s about to fire Dean Ambrose and Vince walks in. He says that the Shield reminds him of himself, with Ruthless Aggression. He shakes their hands and they walk away unpunished.

- We’re now shown another vignette for the Wyatt Family:


- We come back from commercial and Zeb Colter is out on the ramp talking about government conspiracies and illegal immigration. He also says that some of these things can lead to odd partnerships. He then says that he and Jack Swagger have agreed to work with a man that was not born in the United States and that he speaks five different languages, Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro heads to the ring to face his opponent.

Antonio Cesaro vs. William Regal: 

Ths match starts off quick with Cesaro bringing Regal down from a lockup. Regal counters with a quick hip toss. Cesaro fights back and forces Regal to the corner and delivers a few European Upper-Cuts. Cesaro delivers the deadlift gutwrench suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro continues to beat down Regal. Regal begins to fight back with strikes of his own. Regal goes for a double-arm suplex but get countered by Cesaro with a modified slam. Cesaro locks in the sleeper hold and swings him around before delivering the Neutralizer.  Winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro


- John Cena is shown walking backstage towards ringside as we go to break.


- We’re back from break with John Cena coming down to the ring. Cena has a mixed reaction that mainly consists of boo’s. Cena says he loves this reaction as he looks around. Cena panders to the crowd and says that his favorite superstars are the fans in attendance. Cena again acknowledges that there are many people that don’t like him and that there are still people who do like him. He says he’s going to speak to his fans. Cena says he had a horrible 2012 and that he had to ask his fans to hang in there. He says that now he proudly says the Champ is here. He says he feels as good as he ever has and will take any challenge in front of him. He also says his eyes are set on the Money in the Bank PPV and that he will know where his next challenge comes from after that night. He says he’s ready for whoever challenges him next.

Mark Henry then comes out with a pair of his wrestling boots. He then puts them down on the stage and heads down to the ring. Henry steps in the ring with a smile and says Cena can put his guard down and shakes Cena’s hand. He tells Cena he wants him to stay as he has something he wants to say to everyone around the world. The crowd breaks out into a “Henry” chant. Mark says he respects everyone who enjoys this business and who steps into the ring. He says that he was a veteran when Cena came in in 2002 and that he’s doing a good job. “Thank you Henry” chants break out and then a “Sexual Chocolate” chant follows. He then says that if Cena continues the way he is he’ll be the greatest champion of all time. He then says that he has had a lot of success including being World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, and World’s Strongest Man. He then says that he is here tonight to formally retire from the active roster. A “One more Match” chant breaks out and Cena hands Mark the WWE Championship. Mark tears up as he holds up the title to a huge pop from the crowd. He says that he’s a proud man and says that his family is about to see him more than they’d probably want to. He says he’s coming home. Cena comes in the ring and holds Henry’s hand up.

Mark then grabs Cena and delivers the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry yells at Cena and says he’s still got a lot left in the tank. He throws the belt back at Cena and walks away from the ring. He walks up to the ramp and yells, “That’s what I do!”


- Still to come: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. We go to break.


- We come back with Mark Henry walking through the arena. He then says that everyone got played like puppets. He also says he’s challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship.

- We go back to the ring with 3MB in the ring. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Heath Slater vs. Chris Jericho: 

This one starts off quick as these two go back and forth. Slater hits a big heal kick for a 2 count. Jericho fights back with a series of shoulder blocks followed by a double ax-handle from the top. Jericho hits a running bulldog. He goes for a Lionsault but gets knocked down by McEntire while the referee is distracted. Slater continues his offense, but Jericho comes back and hits the Code Breaker. Winner via Pinfall: Chris Jericho. 

After the match 3MB try to attack Jericho, but he counters and throws them out of the ring.


- We go backstage with Heyman and Curtis Axel. Matt Striker ask Heyman about Punk not wanting him at ringside. Heyman says that Striker should be asking him about the new Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel. Axel will go out on Raw for the first time as I.C. Champion next.

We go to commercial Break.


- We’re back from break with Sin Cara making his way to the ring.

Sin Cara vs. Curtis Axel: 

Miz is at commentary as the match begins. Sin Cara hits some early offense witha series of dropkicks. Axel comes back with a big clothesline and begins to beat down Sin Cara. Axel hits a snap back-suplex for a 2 count. Sin Cara fights back with a reverse DDT for a 1 count. The two go back and forth. Sin Cara gets Axel down and goes for the Swanton Bomb. Axel gets his knees up and then hits Sin Cara with a big DDT. Winner via Pinfall: Curtis Axel. 

After the match, Axel stares down The Miz. We go to break.


- We’re back from break with Vince, Vickie, and Brad Maddox backstage. Vince asks them what they’re going to do about Mark Henry. They say that at Money in the Bank it will be John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship. Stephanie and Triple H come in and say that Vickie needs to step up right after Vince had just said that she was doing just fine.

- We go to CM Punk backstage walking towards the ring. Heyman comes to Punk and says that he doesn’t want anything to come between them and that he’s rooting for Punk tonight. They hug and we cut to ringside with Alberto Del Rio making his entrance to the ring. We go to commercial break.

- We’re back from break with Punk coming down to the ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk: 

Punk starts the match quickly by hitting Del Rio with strikes to the face. Del Rio goes to the outside for a breather. Del Rio gets back in the ring and Punk continues to hit him with a flurry of strikes. Del Rio gets out of the ring again. This time Punk follows and continues his offense. Del Rio gets in the ring and catches Punk with a kick to the head as Punk tries to get in the ring. Del Rio hits another kick to the head followed by a suplex and a cover for a 1 count. Punk fights back with more kicks and knees to Del Rio. The two continue to trade shots back and forth. Punk looks to gain control, but Del Rio again leaves the ring. Punk runs and delivers a Suicide Dive to Del Rio on the floor. Punk throws Del Rio back in the ring. Richardo distracts Punk and Del Rio hangs Punk up on the ropes as we go to break.

We come back and both men continue to fight for control. Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a 2 count. Punk fights back and hits a heal kick to the face. Del Rio counters back with a flying arm-breaker. Del Rio follows up with strikes to the kidneys and a Back-Stabber. Del Rio hits a super kick after Punk countered the first attempt and gets a 2 count. Del Rio calls for the Cross Arm-breaker. Punk counters with a knee in the corner and a GTS, but Del Rio falls out of the ring. The referee begins to count and Del Rio and Rodrigues retreat from the ring. Winner via Count Out: CM Punk. 

After the match, Dolph Ziggler comes out of nowhere and attacks Del Rio. Del Rio gets away and they leave the arena. Punk is announced the winner. Brock Lesnar’s music hits!!

Lesnar comes down to the ring and Punk is confused. Lesnar circles the ring and stares at Punk. Lesnar calls for a mic. Lesnar stares at Punk and smiles. He brings the mic up to his face and then quickly drops it and delivers an F-5 to Punk. Lesnar leaves the ring and we fade to black.


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