Smackdown Review 2/15/13

Miss this past Friday Night’s Smackdown? Take a look at what took place during last week’s addition of Smackdown as we continue our way through this year’s Road to WrestleMania. 




WWE Smackdown Review 2/15/13

Note: After the show we had on WWE Raw, we hope to see something that will make it clear to people that will watch the PPV this weekend. So with that, I hope this is going to be the show that will give us the fans something to hope for. I want to hope for good things for the road to Wrestlemania. With that, I give you WWE Smackdown…………..

Opening Segment: The Big Show is out to open the show. Big Show cuts a promo but is interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho brought up being tag champs with Show and put him over before reminding him of his own accolades. Booker T comes out and sets up a match between the two. Mark Henry then makes his way out.
(Well I am still a fan of Big Show. I don’t care if he’s heel or face. I love that he is back to his scary heel role. He gets more done like this and it is good to see him gear up for the PPV and also for Wrestlemania. Nice way to open the show because Big Show is part of the reason why I watch Smackdown.)

Match#1: Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
Winner: Mark Henry by DQ
(Just like Big Show, Mark Henry is going to make a mark in the roster as another monster heel. This match served to make Mark Henry a monster heel but could lay the ground work to turn RKO heel as well. I hoping for that in 2013. This match could have ended better than a DQ. We all know that these men could do more.)

Match#2: Tamina vs. Layla
Winner: Tamina
(I wished I saw my girl but this match was a good substitute. I like Layla but she is one of the last models that can’t wrestle. Tamina is a wrestler but is stuck in a rut. I want to see Kaitlyn but this was ok to watch. )

Match#3: Tensai and Brodus Clay vs. 3MB
Winners: Tensai and Brodus Clay
(I don’t want to comment on this match. I feel that this was a waste of time to see this match. Plus this was a segment called jobberama. This was said to watch and even sadder to see. )

After the match: The Shield come out after the match and beat Tensai and Clay down to big time heel heat. Dean Ambrose cut a promo on Elimination Chamber and said it will be just like tonight for John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback.
(I was happy to see this because the above match was painful to watch. Thank you The Shield for this injustice in motion. Also I am glad to see that they can do more than the jobbers.)

Match#4: The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes
Winner: The Miz
(No comment. I am a fan of The Miz but basically fell asleep during this match because I think I was bored watching him wrestle Cody. Plus I think The Miz needs to be in the main title picture.)

Match#5: Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder
Winner: Jack Swagger
(This was sad to see. I like Ryder but he is being a jobber by the second. Swagger didn’t need this win but he’s back and hopefully we will see him take the U.S. title back. Only time will tell.)

In Ring Promo: WWE Champion The Rock is out next to a big pop. Rock cuts a promo on CM Punk stealing the WWE Title belt and wants it back. Rock promises an ass whooping for Punk. Punk and Paul Heyman appear on the big screen. Punk says Rock stole the title from him at Royal Rumble. They have words and Rock ends it with some of his signature catchphrases. Damien Sandow comes out and disses Little Rock and The Rock. Rock puts over the fans and ends up giving Sandow a Rock Bottom and The People’s Elbow.
(Well this was so ironic to watch. We all know that The Rock is a temporary champ. We all know that CM Punk is a legit champ. We also know that we will see the rematch of Cena/Rock. What I don’t want to know is that it is coming sooner than later. Plus this was entertaining to see the roles reverse with Punk and Rock.)

Main Event: Big Show vs. Chris Jericho
Winner: Big Show
(This was a good way to end the show. These men were tag team champions. These men held titles. This was classic and so fucking great to see. I miss the matches that was concieved during the Attitude era. We all know that these men can still go. We all wanted to see a classic match on Smackdown and we did. So thank you WWE for this gem. )

Final Thoughts: Well I actually think this weekend’s PPV will get people to see if we might get a title change and also some new insight into what might happen for Wrestlemania. I am ready to see what’s going to happened with WWE past April. I also want to see good things with WWE past April. So I guess I will see you all for the PPV and also WWE Raw. Good night and thank you for reading.

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