WWE vs. Glenn Beck

Over the last few days Glenn Beck took the liberty of publicly trashing the WWE over the new Gimmick that Jack Swagger has taken on along with Zeb Colter. This confrontation continues to spread throughout the Wrestling and Political world; how will this war of words conclude? 


Last week Glenn Beck ripped into the WWE for it’s new character, Zeb Colter. Colter is Jack Swagger’s new manager to help strengthen Swagger’s revamped “Real American” gimmick. Glenn Beck see’s the Zeb Colter character to be a “Demonizing” character for the Tea Party political group. You can view the video of Beck ripping the WWE on his television show at this link or the video below:

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter responded with a video of their own inviting Glenn Beck to make an appearance and state his opinion about wrestling and it’s fans live on Raw. You can view the video at this link or view the video below:

A slightly longer “uncut” version of Swagger and Colter’s comments towards Beck can also be seen here:

Glenn Beck has responded to the invitation by Swagger and Colter via Twitter stating: “Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else.”

It has been reported that the WWE is very disappointed in Beck’s response.

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